TVET made in Hamburg

Three Hamburg institutions with a special profile in vocational training join forces in TVET Hamburg, with the purpose of making the Hamburg experience in the organization and implementation of dual vocational training available to international players: the Hamburg Institute for Vocational Education (HIBB), the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (HK) and GFA Consulting Group GmbH (GFA). The uniqueness of our consortium lies in the combination of the specific expertise of the partners involved, who have been active for decades in various areas of vocational education and training at regional, national and international level.

The Hamburg Institute for Vocational Education and Training (HIBB) oversees the 30 state-run vocational schools with more than 46,000 students. With approximately 2,600 employees, it is Hamburg's largest state-owned company. Within the system of dual vocational training, the vocational schools are responsible for the transmission of theoretical knowledge and occupational competences and consider themselves as service-providers for vocational training activities in the companies. With modern teaching and learning methods, they make an important contribution to the preparation of apprentices for their subsequent professional activity.
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The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (HK) ensures the quality of vocational training for 23,000 apprentices, who learn more than 100 different professions in 5,000 companies in Hamburg. The Chamber is responsible for the coordination and the quality assurance of the participating companies. It organizes more than 20,000 exams per year and awards IHK certificates to the successful graduates. The Chamber represents the interests of its 160,000 member companies from industry, trade and services, who promote and benefit from a training system that incorporates the learners into the everyday process of work.
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GFA Consulting Group GmbH (GFA), a medium-sized consulting firm based in Hamburg, works in international cooperation. With more than 300 projects and an annual turnover of more than EUR 100 million, GFA is implementing projects in a large number of countries. GFA has been advising national and regional governments and private players on reform processes in TVET for many years, with the aim of strengthening human resources and supporting the development of high-performance vocational education and training systems. It has a large pool of internationally experienced vocational training experts.
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TVET Hamburg offers a wide range of products in the fields of vocational training using its high level of expertise and years of experience in the field.
Our services range from study-tours in Germany and the qualification of vocational training personnel to the development of vocational education systems.
Additionally, we offer individual consulting depending on your needs.


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