Qualification of TVET Personnel

Education is a people business, and the success of vocational training depends on qualified vocational school instructors, in-company trainers and vocational school managers. We offer trainings and counselling for all those involved in vocational training on a daily basis.


Qualification of managers in vocational training institutions

The qualification of school management personnel at vocational schools is paramount for the quality of teaching and thus for the relevance of vocational school training to the labour market. We offer an internationally recognised training concept for your managers based on the management training for administrators and directors of the vocational schools in Hamburg.
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Training for vocational school instructors

Vocational school instructors have a great influence on the learning success of apprentices. They impart specialised content, support young people in their learning process and regularly monitor the acquired skills. Their challenge for the instructors is to be familiar with the technologies used in the companies and to operate tools and machines, but they also need pedagogical skills for the instruction and supervision of trainees, and they are regularly requested to advise the apprentices in job orientation and must therefore establish a reliable network of company contacts.
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Training of trainers

The characteristic feature of dual vocational training is the practical guidance within the company. To that purpose, companies have qualified employees who have been trained to become in-house supervisors. The trainer for supervisors includes practical training methods, labour regulations and dispute resolution . We offer courses for in-house supervisors, which can be adapted to your needs or set-up alongside the framework set up for international training supervisors certified at the international German chamber network AHK.

Examiner trainings

The result of final examinations and the assessment of training results decide on future careers. In our trainings, we provide selected examiners with the necessary knowledge to develop suitable questions. In addition, participants at examiner trainings will learn about examination methods, question techniques geared to the profession and how to cope with difficult examination situations.


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